Krystal Glass is the owner of Krystal Glass Communications- a communications firm providing writing services, personal branding services, and public speaking coaching for businesses and individuals. 

Krystal Glass' previous roles working on Capitol Hill, for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, on Florida's Governor campaign, for Elected Officials, and most recently serving the Small Business Administration as a Director of Communications has equipped her with a wealth of experience in creating messaging campaigns, establishing impeccable personal brands, and creating content that raises visibility and promotes revenue generation.

-Krystal Glass... The Clear Way to Communicate Your Message

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"What I really like the most about the Personal Brand Strategy Session was that I walked away with an actionable plan, and a list of concrete goals. I really appreciate that Krystal was friendly, professional and a good listener. She really challenged me to think further about my goals and walked me through the entire plan step by step."

-Alejandra Santaolalla

Krystal Glass has worked with:

When it comes to converting an online consumer into a client, it's not what you say, but how you say it. 

Writing Services:

Creative Writing: Blog posts, email campaigns, press releases, stakeholder updates, client correspondence, newsletters, event invites, product marketing, PSA script, online ads, sponsorship proposals, etc.

Website Content: SEO content that effectively conveys your brand’s message.

Brand Storytelling: Compelling content used to create an ongoing narrative about your brand.

Social Media Content: Using a multi-media approach to communicate to your social media audience.

Personal Brand Content: Bio, 1-sheeter, media kit, etc.


Being one-dimensional is next to being non-existent. Having a Personal Brand gives you an additional dimension to attract, engage and retain your target audience.

Personal Brand Development:

Krystal Glass offers an array of marketing, business branding and personal brand development sessions that provide result-driven strategies on how to leverage your brand to generate publicity and profit.

Workshops & Strategy Sessions include:

A creatively stimulating, results-driven, 90-minute interactive session where you will create your brand and learn how to generate:

  • Brand Visibility
  • Brand Credibility
  • Brand Influence

In-person, 1-one-1, phone sessions, workshop sessions, and Skype sessions are available.

Email: for rates and to book your strategy session.